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Ride Proud: An Explanation of Our Name

Ride Proud: An Explanation of Our Name

Be honest, did our name seem a bit odd when you first heard it
Or maybe it immediately made perfect sense? 
Here's an explanation of what the name Ride Proud means.

What's in a name?

Everything, or nothing. In our case, it's everything. But you'll come to know that I don't do much without it having meaning or purpose.

When we kicked off I was surprised to learn that our name raised a few eyebrows. In fact, our manufacturer even asked what the name is about.
I thought it was obvious.
Apparently not. When I set about naming this business I was told to find a name that meant something to me. Ride Proud means a lot to me. Let me tell you why.

The Seat of Things

For as long as I've ridden, I've worked on developing my seat; as my primary aid, it's the start of everything. (Hint: that's why our pants don't have back pockets).
I've studied it, I've researched it, I've done courses, clinics and lessons on it. Hell, I've travelled across the world to participate in clinics focusing on it. I've read and watched almost everything I can, and I've observed.
My findings?
To me, the most effective, most elegant and most admired riders all share a particular posture – and that posture is proud. 

Riding Proud

When I was instructing and correcting position, I would sometimes hear myself say 'ride proud''. I've found that when a rider can take that proud feeling into her body, her seat immediately improves.
I know, it's simplistic, but sometimes the best things are, aren't they? 

Developing the Seat 

Proud Rider Developing Her Seat

This is a photo of me riding at a clinic in Europe a couple of years back. Yep, I'm bareback and on the lunge, and I'll take every opportunity I can to be lunged.  It's so good for improving the seat. 

Here's a challenge (or maybe it's not). Organise with a friend to ride bareback and on the lunge. Maybe you can take turns. I'd love to hear how it goes.
Snap a photo and share it to our page or tag us on Instagram #rideproud

Until next time, enjoy your rides.






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Gideon Agware
Gideon Agware

October 30, 2021

Nice post. Thanks for writing

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