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Zoe Miller (United States)
Really great pants!

They are fabulous - really comfy to ride in. They run big -so I could have ordered a smaller size. Also would love them in a petite/short length option.

Jennie Clark (New Zealand)
Trail gen 2 horse riding pants

Excellent fit and lovely to ride in. I love them. I now have 2 pairs of riding pants Thankyou so much also for the voucher that enabled me to purchase my second pair🥰

H JUNG (United States)
Trail Gen2 and Horizon

This October I purchased a pair of Horizons. I was a bit hesitant because fitting pants is difficult when I can't try them on (and since I live in the US, I had to go with the sizing chart). They fit PERFECTLY. A bit too long but I knew that going in and I like them longer (I hate pants that are too short in the saddle).
In November I ordered another pair of Horizons AND a pair of Trail Gen2. The Horizons fit perfectly again. I just LOVE the fabric (it's a bit heavier and stretchy). The Trail Gen 2 fits completely differently. At first I thought I had ordered the wrong size because the fit was much more snug than the Horizons (plus the button and zipper are left handed). I was going to return them but then I remembered an email from Colleen saying to wear them often (even around the house) to get them to stretch and fit better. So that's what I will do.
I love both of the pants. The quality is excellent. Fingers crossed the Trail Gen will fit better after the Holidays :)

Karen Politinsky (United States)
Exactly what I was looking for

I had been looking for this style of riding pant forever. I have Kerrits bootcut, Stickyseat, and HKM but each is lacking in features, fit, or material. It took some mental debating about ordering from Australia. Delivery to my US address in Georgia took 2.5 weeks and I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't have to exchange or return them. To my utter joy they fit perfectly other than the length. I love the material. They have just the right amount of stretch and they aren't too flimsy or too thick. They should shed dirt and debris easily but they don't look shiny or have a weird texture. The full seat comes right up to the waistband for a smooth fit and goes clear down the leg and isn't too stiff like some suede seats. It feels fully integrated. The waist...how did these people perfect the waist? I can't count the number of breeches in my closet that I won't wear because the back of the waistband gaps or slides down when I sit. The zippered pockets are deep and secure. The placement should be just right for riding but I do have to reach for them slightly. The regular front pockets are very generous. I was not surprised at the length based on reading other reviews but I was surprised at just how long they are. I am 5'4" with long legs and can wear a 32" inseam in riding pants. I'll have to have the RP pants altered by a minimum of 2". They will be easy to shorten without the alteration being apparent and it will not impact the placement of the attachment for the strap that goes under the foot. Very pleased and well worth the delivery time. I'll be ordering again.

Denise Gosper (Australia)

They fit me beautifully. It's been hard to find riding pants that fit well and these do. So happy.

Colleen Myers (Canada)
Gen 2 Horse Riding Pants

Just received my Gen 2 horse riding pants. Look forward to wearing them riding. Had to exchange the first pair as wasn't sure on size as am in Canada so different sizing. Customer service was awesome in exchanging for a different size. I will have to get used to full seat panels. Thank you for the great quality and customer service.

Kari-Anne (Australia)
Trail Gen2

The fit is amazing, super comfortable both in the saddle and on the ground. Love love love ❤️

Colleen Myers (Canada)
Trail Gen 2

Received my order of the Trail Gen 2 riding pants. I liked the quality of the pants but they were too large as I ordered by my hip measurement. Great customer service to return/exchange to a smaller size. Looking forward for the smaller size pant to arrive. Note: I'm in Canada and vary in pant sizes.

Katja Svendsen (United States)
Comfortable, movable pants

I didn't know what to expect from my pants and I was very glad I ordered them. They are so comfortable and flexible to my body while working around the barn. When riding I loved the suede running all the way down, it made for more steadiness in the saddle and flexibility with movement. Thank you for a smooth shipping process and direct communication. They didn't have my original color and Colleen immediatly sent me an email to let me know and said I could choose another color. I chose brown and it looks very classy and down to earth. Im very satisfied with my pants.


Love them but I was initially put off by the length of the pants. So I took the pants to be professionally tailored and the hem is now appropriate for my leg length. $18 and money well spent for a perfect length for a wonderful pair of riding pants!