The Bookshelf

  • Deb Irving: Part 2 - The First Ride

    I’m guessing you’ve heard the saying “Like a fish out of water?” Well, for this read I’d like you to visualise that fish and keep that saying right...
  • Deb Irving: Part 1 - Back in the Saddle

    We ran a competition early in the year titled, Back in the Saddle. Deb Irving was our winner and we're proud to be a small part of her journey 'bac...
  • Penny Windlow's 159.485 Km in May

    Meet Penny Windlow. Penny is aiming to clock up a total of 159.485km during May as a nod to the four members of Victoria Police who were tragically killed recently in Victoria.
  • The Best Horse Riding Pants for Women Over 40

    Women Dominate That’s a fairly bold little statement. Let me clarify by adding in numbers, at equestrian events. Still too bold? Let me clarify eve...
  • Proud Trainers

    We've done a round up of some of our RP Trainers and Coaches who are offering virtual and online training. Proudly supporting those that have supported us.
  • How We're Dealing With Covid-19

    We're taking this pandemic very seriously, with extra precautions in place to make sure that your orders are packed and delivered to you in the safest way possible, but we've not lost our sense of humour.
  • A Ride Proud Bootleg Riding Pants Unboxing

    Keen to order some new bootleg jodhpurs but not quite sure what expect?Here Christin has shared her unboxing experience of the Equitation Riding Pa...
  • The Perfect Pair of Riding Pants

    Riding Pants must Look Good:  They need to hide my thigh dimples (hello, yesterday’s fish n chips!), do the job of holding in my tummy that the lady on the DVD promised would happen after hours of sweaty yoga (she lied), give that look of miles of leg (more leg!). Oh, and be in a colour OTHER THAN WHITE.


  • How to Care for your new Bootleg Jodhpurs

    You've got better things to do than laundry. Follow these easy steps to care for your bootleg riding pants.
  • Ride Proud: An Explanation of Our Name

    Be honest, did our name seem a bit odd when you first heard it Or maybe it immediately made perfect sense? Here's an explanation of what the name R...