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Riding Jeans Not Cutting It?

Horse Woman celebrating riding

Are your horse riding jeans not cutting it when it comes to keeping comfortable for a morning out on the trail with friends? 

“Not cutting it” might also mean your jeans are cutting into you!

Mid rise, high rise, low rise (thank goodness that trend is over!) - if the rigid waistband of traditional jeans, the rubs of inseams or overall lack of practicality in being able to go from the barn to the coffee shop without changing your clothing, we are here to tell you that if your current riding jeans are cutting into your comfort, we have a pant for that!

Allow us to introduce to you: the Ride Proud Horse Riding Pant - where the practicality of jeans meet the comfort of jodhpurs - without compromising your confidence! 

Our one of a kind riding pants answers all your questions from: 

“What can I wear riding this morning but then head to the shops without having to go home to change?” to,

“Where can I put my phone without bringing my purse to the stable,” and probably most important of all questions: 

“How can I stay stylish yet comfortable - all day long?!” 

From concealed thigh pockets for your phone, D-rings for your keys, to the most innovative idea of all – an underfoot keeper that stays hidden inside your boot so you don’t have to wear an excessively stacked jean to keep your hem down even after a good gallop, our Pants will truly be your favorite thing to go riding with (besides your horse).😊 

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to wear jodhpurs out to the barn for their stretch and comfort but don’t dream of being seen in public with them on, we are here to tell you – we’ve felt that too.  Designed specifically for women of age (or the conscientious old soul), the Ride Proud line was created by no other than a fellow woman rider who is just like you! We are not the minority of women equestrians, we are the norm, and finally have pants that allows us to fit in - both in the pants, and in style! 

All the products in the Ride Proud line are innovative, female friendly, purpose-built riding pants.  Combining the quality you deserve, the comfort you require, with the western jean bootcut style – once you try our pants you won’t go back! 

Ride Proud has really thought of it all, and if the features already explained aren’t enough, let us tell you about the seamless inner leg that will eliminate uncomfortable rubs thanks to our full suede seat.  Not only does a suede seat provide you extra security in the saddle, but it will also boost your confidence in your travels outside the barn, as unlike other suede seats, ours comes all the way up to the waistband which streamlines your backside instead of accentuating it. When you feel that you look good, you inherently feel better, and your horse is going to recognize that too.   

Improving women’s confidence in and out of the saddle is a what Ride Proud is all about.  We are proud to offer this exciting line of clothing to women riders everywhere and can’t wait to hear how they fit perfectly into your life.  

With Ride Proud, you will be dressed for the day, whatever it brings.  

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