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Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Fiona Nelms (Australia)
Equitation pants

I tried out my new pants this week. They were so comfortable and perfect to ride in. The sizing was perfect (16) and the ability to adjust the back was an added bonus. Great product.

Fiona, thank you! I'm stoked to hear you're happy with your Equitation Riding Pants.
They're our classiest (IMO )
Your comment about the sizing is particularly helpful for other women.

Soooo lovely!

Love, love, love these pants! I finally got to wear my new pants and go for a ride in them (had to get them shortened). Really comfortable, and really love the lightweight fabric - so good for the warmer weather.

Nony, so good to hear. This isn't our usual fabric, it's limited to our Limited Editions too.
Thanks for the great review!

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
Cathy Ryan (Australia)
Ride proud jeans

Great company
Quality is obvious, comfort great, look fantastic and very quick dispatch
Excellent !

Thanks Cathy. The Horizon are definitely a firm favourite with our riders and I'm so pleased to hear you're happy with them too.

7 PM Casual Cargo Pants
Isobel Johnson (Australia)
The perfect gift!

I bought the Aztec Gold gift pack, a silicon wine glass, and a pair of the
7PM's as Christmas gifts. They were very well received! 😍 I'm sure their owners will enjoy them for years to come! The pants look super groovy... I'm tempted to get myself a pair now! 😉

That's great to hear Isobel. The 7PMs are baggy, super comfortable and easy to fit, making them a great gift.
Merry Christmas to you!

Proud Leather Belts
Tracey Atkins (Australia)
Denim Leather Belt

I’m a blue girl and I’m in love with my Denim colour RP leather belt. Totally compliments my Horizon Riding pants!

Thanks for the great review Tracey. I hope you get years of wear out of your new belt.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants

Thanks Helen


I love theses pants so flattering and great cut! , I will be wearing these to death ! 🥰

Can't wait to see the photos Sue. The green will look fantastic with Fiddy!

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Debra Simon (United States)
Genius design!

I love my new riding pants!!! Remembering your suggestion, I wore them around the house for a couple of hours. They’re so comfortable! Your design is genius! Colleen, shopping with you has been a lovely experience. The world would be a much more pleasant place with more people like you in it. Thank you!
Happy Holidays!

Debra, what a beautiful review, thank you!
I'm so pleased you took that advice. Often times when the fit appears perfect immediately, they end up too loose - depending how we like the fit of course.

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Marlene Hewson (Australia)
True to the name

Great riding pants. Great fit and so comfortable to wear

Hi Marlene
Thank you! True to name - the Trail are perfect for the trail.

Limited Edition: Sea Foam
Ann Bolam-Marsh (Australia)
Limited Edition - Sea Foam

I love the colour and the style. They fit true to size and are so comfortable, totally rapt in them.

Ann, aren't those colours fantastic. They turned out even better than I hoped.
Thanks for sharing!.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Kerrie McCarthy (Australia)
Equitation Riding Pants

Love these riding pants they are very classy looking

Thanks for the review Kerrie. I agree. They're classy. I think they're the classiest of all the styles.

7 PM Casual Cargo Pants
Serena Whye-Joyce (New Zealand)
7PM Casual

Absolutely love these pants from the lovely deep navy colour, to the cool to wear fabric. The pockets are very well thought out too. At 177cm tall I have found the leg a bit short but they make a great 7/8 pant for me and I don’t get wet or dirty trouser bottoms when feeding out.

Serena, thank you for your review, I'm so pleased you're happy with them.
Yep, the pockets were designed so hay couldn't fall in, and the fabric was chosen because hay doesn't stick to it!
It's the little things

Hand Soap for Horsewomen
Laura McCoy (Australia)
Hand Soap for Horsewomen

Lovely soap! Am keeping it hidden for my use only. The soap dish and keyring was a very nice touch thanks Colleen.

Hi Laura
The soap is great, isn't it. I know someone else who hides hers too.
Gotta do, what we gotta do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Great pants feel secure in the saddle.

Renee, I'm pleased to hear you're happy with the Trainers and that you feel so secure in the saddle in them.
Great stuff!

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Jakki Good (New Zealand)
Fabulous pants!

I love my new trainers, I had to wait 5 wks for them to finally reach me in NZ, but was worth the wait. They are so comfortable to ride in, I ride racehorses, so legs up short & they didn’t grab the back of my knees like a lot of pants do.The only small issue I have is that the waistline is too big, but I figure a belt should work. Thanks Ladies!!

Whoa! I'm not sure I know of anyone else using their Trainers for race horse training, so I'm pleased to hear they're working as they should!
Thanks for the video. It's fantastic.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Michelle Crawford (Australia)
Equitation Horse Riding Pants

I originally ordered a pair of the Trainers and loved them but they weren't a perfect fit for my body. Rather than simply swap sizing as I'd intended, an email discussion with Colleen led me to try the Equitation pants. I absolutely love these pants. They fit perfectly (or will once I take them up a few cm) and feel amazing. If you're one of those people like me who finds most pants fit well in the waist or the thighs, but rarely both, I recommend trying these.

So pleased we tried another style Michelle, and found your perfect pair.
Thanks for sharing.

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
French Angela (United States)

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans

Thanks Angela!

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Lisa Sutherland (New Zealand)
Horse riding pants

My first pair didn’t fit so returned them and got my new size! Amazing service thank you
Love the new pair 😀

Thanks Lisa
Great to hear you're happy with the new ones!

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
It is NOT cotton. False advertising. It is 100% polyester. (Australia)
Trail Gen 2

I love them I am very hippy so they fit beautifully over my bottom but because i hve a small waist they are big in the waist. I will just take them in. Fabulous thsnk you

Thank you for the 5 Star!
You really had me scratching my head. I thought your name was the title of your review for a minute, and I was thinking 'they're 60% cotton'.
So pleased you're happy with them. :)

Drink Bottle
carey Wilman (New Zealand)
My drink bottle lol

My drink bottle arrived. Its amazing. I get lots of comments at work about it. Its so easy to use. Keeps my drink nice and cold. The lid / top is easy to do up and undo. And it came with its own bottle brush which is amazing so I can clean it after every use instead of like my old one where you have to soak them and they never look clean because of the hard to get into places. I also bought the soap. And that is a must ladies. Especially if you are like me a real outdoor person. It leaves your hands nice a clean but it rehydrates them and they feel soft instead of that awful dry feel you get from playing in the dirt to long. Thanks colleen for an amazing product and using oz post was really great, tracked my order easy as and it didn’t take long to get to NZ. Took longer for NZ to deliver but thats the nature of our postal system over here. All the best Recards carey.

Hey Carey!
I'm so pleased with the drink bottles and it's great to hear you are too. They really do keep the drink cold.
I set up a bundle buy for soaps after we messaged about it.
Thanks for the great feedback Carey.

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Ruth Lau (New Zealand)

only just recieved so haven’t had achance to use yet as I had to have them taken up as they were too long . I’m wondering if they are going to be too hot for summer and if you do a lightweight version

Hi Ruth
You might be surprised with the fabric. We test rode it in North Queensland and settled on this composition after rejecting others. It has quite a high cotton content, but yes it is quite a solid weave to ensure it's durability.

Oh, and future reference, we have a local seamstress who may be able to help with the hemming if its a problem for you.


Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Lorraine Moleta (New Zealand)
Love everything! My new Horse Billy arrives today!

Thank you ever so much love you attention to me! My pants fit perfectly just a little long have worn my scarf twice
And began my journal Billy ! Can’t wait to give leather gift away for Xmas
Earrings and belt super tasteful as well
My sincere thanks sorry I took so long to get back because I was so excited when I found my parcel at my gate and more so when I opened it so lovingly wrapped
Kind Regards

Lorraine, I'm so pleased to hear you're happy. I loved packing up your big order and sending it away. It makes me happy to know some of it is being on gifted.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Susan Church (New Zealand)
Trainers Pants - Thumbs Up

I had purchased a pair of Horizon Denim Riding Jeans and found them great to wear but a little too hot to wear in the heat of the sun, so also tried a pair of the Trainers Pants and found them to be a lighter material than the Jeans.
Definitely a thumbs up from me for both Riding pants

Susan, great feedback for women choosing between the Trainers and Horizons.
Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the 5 stars!

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
Henriette Kok (New Zealand)
Not received

Great quality and design! Love it!!

Hi Henriette

Thank you!
I'm so pleased you're happy with them.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Tee Tea (Australia)
Best riding pants ever !

Just did a clinic in my riding pants .. was only going to wear one of the days but so comfy I said heck I’m not going into a fresh pair of ordinary jeans they are just so good. Thanks Colleen .. fabulous!

Tee Tea, you've me us all smile, thank you! Such a great review.
How good are the Equitation? Good enough to wear a second day.