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Beautiful, comfortable and practical. Nothing cuts into me, nothing falls down. Very flattering cut and shaped like we’re shaped. Thank you so much.

trail pants

happy with product and purchase but dissappointed to open parcel and find what seems to be black fabric even tho the stuckybum is blue as ordered. i assumed i was getting blue pants. however i will keep them as they seem comfortable and nice and long and no crutch seam like jeans.

Jeans riding pants

I found they felt like they were falling down all the time. They were too long and the boot leg a little wide. Otherwise nicely made

The Journal

As soon as I saw the photos, I knew I had to have one. So I waited with great anticipation for the arrival of my new Journal. It did not disappoint. It is a beautiful well crafted journal, filled with paper that I will be able to paint on with my watercolours, and use for jottings when out & about. The leather is soft, and it is a perfect size to carry with me. It even has a faint spicy smell. I love it. Another excellent product from Ride Proud.

Hugging all the right places

I’ve always worn breeches while riding, but decided to find something I could be comfortable in both on a horse and off. I usually avoid buying jeans because I’ve never had much luck with them. After reading the reviews on Ride Proud pants, I decided to try it out. The Horizon jeans do not disappoint! They hug me in all the right places, and are simply an amazing fit. The material is soft and comfortable, and not at all stiff like most new jeans. The jeans are true to size, so follow the sizing recommendations on the website and you won’t go wrong! Being 165cm tall I’m going to have to get the legs taken up slightly, but I have to do that with most pants. I love that the thigh pockets have buttons, so I can be sure my phone won’t slip out mid-canter. I haven’t ridden in them yet but I can’t wait to wear them on my next ride.

Trail pants

Ordered the right size this time and love them!

Horizon Jeans

This is the second pair of riding pants I have bought. Loved my first one and now have the Horizon jeans. Have not used them yet but love the feel and the material. Will never ride in anything else .Thank you Colleen for such a great product.

SUPER COMFY - light weight and durabla!

Love these pants. they are super comfy, light weight and can do anything in them!


Absolutely love them, best ive ever wore, soooo comfortable.
I have 2 pairs and I live in them.

Lacking size range- very limited sizing availability

I think excluding so many people by limiting your size range to a small size 16 when the average size Australian woman is a large size 14 or average size 16 is really poor. Yes budget constraints are understandable but instead of having 3 colours in limited range how about initially 2 colours in a wider size range .... even if you include a size range system rather than straight sizes, to cater for size 18-20 (made to fit average size 20)), and size size 22-24 (made to fit average size 24).
I can’t see why when the material is elastic in content why you can’t offer combined size ranges over the full size range, & be able to be more inclusive at either end so that each size combines to fit 2 sizes,.6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20, 22-24, in only 2 colours and by using the bigger size in each range for garment measurements and to allow a larger range and will cater for different body sizes by sizing up or down when making choices to fit our individual bodies.. I feel by brands that are excluding in their size ranges and seem to cater to the smaller end of the market but choose to exclude a large percentage of the population by not including up to a minimum size 20 at the very least but preferably a size 22-24. Surely even with limited funding and financial outlay other options are possible such as this option I’ve presented rather than to exclude and insult us bigger framed and most typically ‘average size’ Aussie women?

Equitation pants

I swapped the picadero for these & they are super comfortable and look great. The only adjustment I'd like is belt loops as I do like to wear a belt. But super pants. Might get another pair.

Picadero pants

I loved these when they arrived, but unfortunately, they only seem to come in one leg length & I have short legs. By the time I'd have taken them up to fit, the nice detail at the bottom of the leg would have gone. Such a pity. Wish more riding pants/Jodhs had different leg length options. Like bras... we're not all the same size!

Loving my riding trousers

Love them, they do just what I want, very comfortable to ride in, keys and phone safe and so smart.

Just Incredible!

Before my purchase of a pair of Trainers pants I read many of the reviews. They seemed a little OTT to me. I was wrong! These riding pants exceeded my expectations- they really are the best thing to ever happen to equestrian apparel. Super comfy, super practical - 1000 ‘thank you’s’ to Ride Proud!

4.8 Stars

I love them, v comfy, and the first time I wore my denims I got soo many compliments!
They are pretty expensive though - and having to add $30 for hemming, makes them a fairly crazy price.
I have 3 pairs - I like the denims best😊

Best riding pants ever!

I first bought the Trainers (which I love) but was eyeing up a friend’s Horizon Jeans as well. And... I couldn’t be happier that I bit the bullet and bought them. Super flattering, super stretchy in all the right places and SO comfy to ride in.


My equitation riding pants are my new favourite thing (other than my horse) The just fit my shape so well plus they are comfortable and stylish.

Im always a bit nervous buying clothes online but the chat facility was instant, reassuring and right on the money with the right advice on sizing. Ill be ordering some more soon! Deirdre - North Canterbury New Zealand

Horizon Riding Jeans

Love how they feel on me! I have Lymphoedema in my left leg, and finding riding pants to fit this leg is often quite tricky. These jeans pose no problem for my leg, and are a really comfortable fit. Thanks Colleen! :)

Love them!!!

A wonderful cut and style. Gorgeous material used.

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans

I waited to review the Horizon Horse Riding Jeans until I had worn and washed them a few times. I have found them to be very comfortable, they look smart and wash well. Another pair will be ordered soon. Some have mentioned the cost, I have worn these lounging around the house, to the supermarket and of course, at the stables. For me they are worth the investment for quality and cost per wear.

Equitation Pants

I am totally in love with my new pants, so comfortable, and stylish. I also feel I am sitting in the saddle better. The full suede seat is snug and adds to the quality of the fit. The communication from Colleen is exceptional , friendly and personal, I highly recommend Ride Proud Riding pants I am 64 a return rider and am pleased to say is’nt it nice when it just works !!! and these pants hit the mark Kerrie NZ

Flat Leather Belt (Brown & Tan)
Simple and Classy

I really like how simple and classy this belt is.
The leather is lightweight and flexible making it very comfortable to ride in
Very happy

Horizon Riding Jeans

The pre and post purchase communication when ordering, purchasing and during delivery were exeptional.
These riding jeans are so comfortable I especially love the underfoot keeper, the suede seat and how forgiving they are to my body shape.
Well done Colleen and the RIde Proud team


A perfect fit & very comfortable.. love my Ride Proud Pants..!!