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The People Behind Ride Proud

The People Behind Ride Proud

My thoughts on Ride Proud and the People behind it.

This is not really a review, or maybe it is, let’s just see where it goes and you can take it how you see it. What I am trying to do is give insight into the kind of person/people you are dealing with when you purchase from Ride Proud Clothing.

I have known Colleen since childhood, I think we were maybe 5 or 6 years old. A long time!  Our first day at school in fact, so I reckon I know her pretty well. Lots of school holidays in and out of each other’s home. Her Mother just expected me to be around I was the extra daughter in her family, and my parents arranged any camping trips we had with an extra daughter. It’s just how it was. 

We were fast friends straight away, and like true friendships do, it has lasted the test of time. I’m not going to waffle on about our childhood too much, other than to say I have known her husband Colin almost as long as she has, give or take a week or so I guess. (I went on their first outing/date with them, ask Colin, I cramped his style I'm sure), but in true Colin fashion he never once made me feel like a third wheel or a pain in his arse.  Everyone is welcome in Colin’s world, no one gives a hug like that man. Not a mean bone in his body.

Over the years we were in and out of each other’s lives, always seeming to just pick up where we left off, no matter if it was two days or two years, we often say we have to be friends cause we know each other’s crap. 

Honesty, Colleen is honest to a fault, she will always tell you the truth, so you can be assured in business just as she is in life, she is honest. There will never be any dodgy deals with Ride Proud. 

Perfectionist, oh let me tell you, I can tend to be a ‘she’ll be right; that will do’ kinda girl, not Colleen she will just keep at something until it is as perfect as she can get it, and then she will do it over again to get it better, hence all the improvements and new ideas on each pair of Ride Proud Pants. To be honest I don’t know how she deals with my slap happy attitude at times, but she does.

Loyal & Dependable? The kind of people you can call at a minute notice and just know they will move heaven and earth to help you? Completely.

I was in hospital a few years ago, I had a close call, my husband phoned to let Colleen know, her and Colin were in the car going to do heaven only knows what, but there was not a second hesitation from either of them, on the other end of the phone he was told, we will be there in half an hour. I never did ask where they were actually supposed to be. 

Then while I was in hospital, Colleen brought me smoothies she made at home, because she reckoned  hospital food had no nutritional value. That is the kind of people they are. After I got out of hospital with a bloody great wound on my stomach, the Equitation Pants were my go to for support if I had to go out. (Not only can you ride in them, they are fantastic for after surgery support wear)

So back to the Ride Proud Brand and the review that's not really a review.

Am I biased? Absolutely! 

Am I proud of my friend? Absobloodylutely!

Do I love her? With my whole heart. 

Can you trust that when you buy from Ride Proud you are getting a quality product with customer service that is second to none? Yes! Yes you can. 

Don’t take my word for it. Just buy a pair and see for yourself.

~Diane Montague (nee Duffy)


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