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The Equitation Horse Riding Pants: The Post Op Pants?

The Equitation Horse Riding Pants: The Post Op Pants?
We received a very interesting Recommendation this week from a woman named Diane Montague. You'll find it interesting, I'm sure.

Full disclosure: Diane Montague is my friend.

In fact she's my oldest, no sorry, my longest friend.
We've been friends since long before this photo was taken of us in our early teens.

She's not the kind of friend who makes false statements, just to make you feel better though. I don't have friends like that.

She's more the kind of friend who says things like "... OMG, what the hell were you thinking?!" That's more the kind of friends I have. 😆

If Diane is saying (or writing) it, you can take it as gospel.
We keep saying these pants are comfortable, particularly around the waist, this kind of proves it.

Diane Montague:

"I have had two pairs of Ride Proud pants for a while now and have loved them both for riding and just the comfort of wearing.

My reason for writing now.....
Well. Recently I had an emergency trip to hospital which resulted in me having my tummy opened up like a cleaned fish,(I think the surgeon is a fisherman).
So...after a bit of time at home I had to venture out to town. What to wear?

Everything annoyed my wounds, and felt like a vice around my belly. It was cool and I couldn’t bare the thought of Jeans rubbing me.
I finally decided bugger it, I have to go so grabbed my Equitation Riding Pants and a T-shirt and off I went... well OMG I can not say enough good things, the pants supported my stomach, so I didn’t have that drawing pain when I walked, the car ride was fine because I was supported! I could even get in and out without squawking.
Now I know these are riding pants, and I wouldn’t ride in anything else, but ladies if for any reason you need support after surgery, these are the go to duds! After surgery pants with CLASS!"


PS: Diane is on the left and I'm the one on the right. The one needing a haircut, a bra and an attitude adjustment. 🤪

Ditto that for Diane.


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