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Horse Riding Pants: The Ultimate Guide for Mature Women

Woman wearing horse riding pants on horse

The Best Horse Riding Pants for the Mature Aged Woman are ... (drum roll please) ...   Bootcut Jodhpurs

Don't panic, I don't mean jodhpurs. What I mean is a pair of bootcut horse riding pants (or jeans) with all the features of a pair of joddies.

Stick with me here and read on ...

I'm going to take a wild guess that, like me, you're probably not into joddies and most likely (regular) jeans just aren't really cutting it for you.

There is a reason jodhpurs became the unwritten uniform of equestrians. But that doesn't mean they're right for all of us.

Regardless of all their good points, in my opinion, they're not designed for 'women of age'. Hell, I'm not sure who they are designed for, but they sure aren't designed for the 'average' woman. 

I wrote a complete article on this (you can read it here: Women Dominate) so I won't go into it again, but when I say average I guess I mean the usual woman at most equestrian events. These horsewomen are usually women ‘of age’.

Horse Riding Pants Good Enough to Wear to Lunch


That's me. I'm one of them.

For years I wore what I didn't want to, and I spent that time uncomfortable, both physically and  emotionally - and it affected my confidence and self esteem. And I could see I wasn't the only one who felt that way. We moved from jodhpurs into jeans, and neither defined who we are. But I spent those years watching, observing and designing.

I believe I know who you are and what you're looking for in horse riding pants and I've included it in our styles.


What Does the Horse Riding Woman want in Riding Pants?

Horsewomen are down to earth and practical. We want practicality and comfort. We've got stuff to get done and we want to dress for the day and be dressed for the day, not have to change into jodhpurs to ride and change out of them to go to the shops or meet our friends for coffee.

We want riding pants that reflect our choices and our own individual style.

We don't want 'regular jeans', not for the riding anyway, nor do we want jodhpurs. We purpose-built riding pants, with all the features of a quality jodhpur and all the style of a fine pair of jeans.

Proud & Confident Horse Riding Women

What Makes Our Horse Riding Pants So Good?

In a nutshell, it's this. Style, Comfort and Function. I didn't work alone on this project. I came up with the initial designs but then together with a group of horse riding women we trialed, we tested, we rejected and we trialled again. And eventually we got there, and we've compromised on nothing.


We’ve included all the features we've ever wanted. Things like:

Horse Riding Pants:  Styles

We have styles to take you from the show ring (classy enough for inhand classes and functional enough for the ridden). Comfortable enough to wear through a full day of training and to take you onto the trail. In fact to quote one customer, "so comfortable you wont' want to take them off" (~MarilynD).

We believe we offer the BEST horse riding pants on the market with our 5 unique styles. Let me introduce them:


There are more on the drawing board, but so far this is our range.

Some of these styles have comfort waistbands, and some have contoured waistlines. To make it easier, I'll compare the similar styles and point out the differences for you.

I'll tell you about the fabric composition we've chosen for our riding pants, and why we think it's the perfect blend.

I'll tell you about our sizing and leg length and I'll even tell you which boots work best with our riding pants.

Lastly I'll tell about our Refund Policy and why (and how) we make exchanges as easy as we possibly can.


Horse Riding Women Wearing Ride Proud Bootlegs 


Horse Riding Pants:  Design Features

Contoured Waistlines & Comfort Waistbands

Your comfort is our number one priority, and it’s impossible to be relaxed in the saddle if you are uncomfortable in your clothing either because of fit or style. Therefore, all our pants are designed with contoured waistlines that actually rise through to the waist. You'll find our waistbands have a little give in them and aren't rigid. 

Full Suede Seat

The most important aid of a rider is the seat, which is why our pants don’t have back pockets. Instead we’ve extended our suede insert through to the waist, visually lengthening the leg and enhancing the feminine outline. 

Underfoot Keepers

There is nothing worse than a pants leg that rides up during a ride out or a training session. Fenders are shockers for grabbing your pant leg and pulling them up. The underfoot keeper stops that happening. Worn inside your boot, no-one will even know it’s there.

Tummy Support

Every style has inbuilt tummy support without being restricting and without compromising comfort, because most of us are mothers over 30 or 40 (ok, some of us are grandmothers over 50) and it could just be that we like a little support,  You need to be able to exhale and relax into the saddle, this gentle tummy support allows that.

Thigh Pockets

We consider the thigh pocket a safety feature. Each style has them and they’re big enough to hold a mobile phone, just in case your horse heads home without you.

Seamless Inner Leg

No inside leg seam means no chaffing and rubbing against the saddle and it also means no bulk to sit on, meaning you can concentrate on your ride in comfort.

Having a seam free inside is imperative and can make the difference between a good ride and a bad.


Horse Riding Pants:  How to Choose a Style

The styles are really quite different, but first and foremost they're all purpose built, durable, functional riding pants - they just happen to look pretty damn classy (someone said a little bit sexy, but we're not going that far).

Each and every style has all the unique features that stand our riding pants apart. They all have tummy support, full suede seat, underfoot keepers and thigh pockets.

If you're wanting something super classy I'd direct you to the Equitation.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, I'd direct you to the Picadero - regardless of what breed of horse you ride.

If you're serious about your distance rides I'd direct you to the Trail or the Trainers.

For the show ring you can choose any of them, except maybe the Trainers, and only because of the cargo pocket.

If you're a pleasure rider (aren't we all?) choose whichever pair you like.


Horse Riding Pants: Comparing Styles

Comparing Contoured Waistlines

We currently have two styles with contoured waistlines. These styles don't have a waistband and aren't worn with a belt. They are The Equitation and The Picadero.

These styles are cut from the same base pattern with some not so subtle differences.



Rises to Waist at front and higher at back

Rises to Waist at Back and higher at front

Front Zipper

Back Zipper

Rear Adjuster

Tapered Lower Leg with 5 Antique Finish Silver Buttons


Comparing Comfort Waistbands

Our remaining styles, The Trail (Gen1 and Gen2), The Trainers and lastly our denim style, The Horizon Riding Jeans  and The Show Ring Riding Jeans all have (comfort) waistbands with keepers for a belt.

 Original Trail Gen1

Trail Gen2

Wider Belt Loops
Split at Lower Leg




Mid-Rise (to a few cm below the waist depending on your body structure) Rise to the waist.
Our roomiest style Fit like a traditional pair of jodhpurs.
Concealed Thigh Pockets Cargo Thigh Pockets 
Cutaway front pockets (not dissimilar to a pair of jeans) Straight cut, reinforced front pockets



4 Way Stretch Denim 
Wider Lower Leg
Thigh Pocket with Flap Cargo Thigh Pocket with Flap
Cutaway front pockets  Straight cut, reinforced front pockets



Show Ring

Thigh Pocket with Flap Single Welt Slot Pocket




Horse Riding Pants: Here's Our Styles

Trail Riding Pants: Original Trail (Gen1), and Gen 2


Ride Prouds' Trail Riding Pants


"These pants are as useful and value for money as they look on the website. ... don’t waste your $ on overseas rubbish when we have a quality supplier who understands perfectly the needs of the Aussie rider right on our own backyard'
                        ~Carolyn Bock


Ride Proud's Original Trail Gen1 Style Horse Riding Pants


Comfort is always important, but even more so on the trail. Which is why our Trail Horse Riding Pants are a little roomier than our other styles and don't rise quite through to the waist, rather a few cm below (depending on your body shape, of course).

We stared with Original Trail and progressed to Gen2 after taking onboard customer feedback.

Trail Riding Pants: Gen2




Ride Proud's Trail Gen2 Style Horse Riding Pants





Trainers Riding Pants

Ride Proud's Trainers Riding Pants


"First pair and over the moon happy!
Received my trainer pants and neck warmer!! It only took a week to ship to Canada, super fast!. Quality is superb, fit was exactly what I had ordered (with the websites directions) worth every penny!"

                     ~ Susan McDonald



This style has a cargo pocket and we designed these pants especially for the trainers - the riders and teachers who are on and off horses all day and sometimes store more in their pockets than the rest of us.

But the Trail Riders are loving them too for the same reason - the storage!

This style fits more like a pair of jodhpurs and rises through to the waist.

Ride Proud's Trainers Style Horse Riding Pants




Equitation Riding Pants

 Ride Prouds' Equitation Riding Pants


"These riding pants are amazing. They fit! They are designed for my body, not for a 12 year old girl. They are made of high-quality fabric with high-quality construction. They are crazy comfortable to ride in."
                        ~Anne Zahradnik



These are the ultimate arena pants, but don't let that fool you. Many riders have chosen these for the distance rides. Classy, but purpose built. 

Nothing fits and feels like the Equitation Riding Pants. They are the slimmest fitting of the styles and they're meant to be snug.  These are the ones that have been described to us as 'rider's shapewear'.

They are also the ones that rise a little higher to the small of your back with the little rear adjuster. 



Ride Proud's Equitation Style Horse Riding Pants 




Picadero Riding Pants


Ride Proud's Picadero Riding Pants


"Absolutely love them, best I've ever worn, soooo comfortable. I have 2 pairs and I live in them."
~ Mellissa Henderson


Our Spanish cut horse riding pants, designed with the baroque horse riders in mind, and loved by everyone who tries them, including the Western and Vaquero riders.
Like the Equitation Riding Pants, these are also cut to be snug. They rise a little higher at the front - and the zipper runs down the back. No, it's not odd. It's actually how all women's pants were once and it makes for a lovely smooth tummy.
If you like to wear your shirt out this is the style for you.
Ride Proud's Picadero Style Horse Riding Pants



Horizon Riding Jeans


Ride Proud's Horizon Riding Jeans


"I just received my first pair of jeans and they are fabulous!! I’m a barrel racer and I love the way the inseam hugs my saddle, the inside hidden boot strap keeps the legs from riding up in the stirrups and they fit perfectly!!! So comfortable!! Love them!!"
~ Lisa


The Horizon Horse Riding Jeans are our first, and to date, our only style in denim and are perfect for those wanting a more casual style but still want purpose built riding jeans.



Ride Proud's Horizon Style Horse Riding Jeans




Limited Edition Riding Pants

Ride Proud's Limited Edition Riding Jeans


"To be honest, I am absolutely in love with these pants. The colour just matches literally everything I own including my horses! Love love love!!!! Thank you for such gorgeous, inspiring and quality riding pants"
~ Ineke Keough


These are our Rule Breakers. They are cut from our best selling Trail Gen2 style, but in a 2 tone colour way. We did almost everything we said we would never do, and each time they sell out in no time at all. We went and broke our own rules.



Ride Proud's Limited Edition Bootleg Horse Riding Pants





Show Ring Riding Jeans

Ride Proud's Show Ring Riding Jeans


"These have amazing qualities such as the 4-way stretch denim which is super comfortable and flattering. The phone pocket is a great idea as are the boot keepers. I wore them recently at the Gympie Muster and felt right at home. So good knowing I can ride in them or just wear them and feel great!"
~ Roslyn


These jeans are a variation of our (almost) legendary Horizon Horse Riding Jeans, but these were designed especially for the Show Ring. The denim is finer and darker, and we've changed the pocket to a single welt, slot pocket.

This style (and the Horizon) are noticeably different to our other styles and not just because they're denim.



Ride Proud's Show Ring Bootleg Horse Riding Pants




Stable Horizon Riding Jeans

ride proud stable horizon jeans horse riding jeans

"I love the cut and material of these jeans. I love that the denim is lighter weight than the original horizon riding jeans (the lighter coloured denim ones) which is great for our hot climate. The dark denim is very flattering and the cut of them is super comfortable."
~ Beth N.


Horse Riding Jeans without Suede! If you naturally feel secure in the saddle or have a few pairs of Ride Proud Horse Riding Pants or Jeans these are for you. 

Nothing beats the view from your own front porch, especially when you’re watching your horses graze as the sun goes down in a pair of our Stable Horizon Riding Jeans.

The Stable Horizon Jeans are ready to spend the day at home with you, whatever it may bring. From feeding horse treats along the fence line to watering your garden, this denim is the perfect accessory for your self-care Saturday.

stable horizon style feature



We tested lots of different fabrics and settled on a blend of 60% Cotton, 35% Nylon, 5% Elastane. We think it’s perfect.

Fabric really has come a long way over the years and we now have high performance fabrics available to us, in fact it's become expected.

Ride Proud is a born in North Queensland and we trialled and tested many fabrics in our North Queensland heat. We settled on this one. We think it's the perfect blend of both cotton and nylon, resulting in the best properties of both.

Cotton being an integral component of the garment fabric ensures the fabric is breathable and natural and therefore keeps the skin free of sweat making it comfortable to wear all day long. 

The inclusion of the nylon thread makes the fabric sturdy and strong, but light and offers good stretch.

It's why so many of our customers report the pants are so supportive, yet comfortable.



Fit is a personal thing. Some of us like clothing snug, some like them a little roomier, which is why our size chart covers a range, particularly keeping in mind that the fabric is a 4 way stretch and it will ease after being worn for a short while.

Here's a tip though:  We think (and we've received lots of feedback) that our sizing is fairly standard. That's standard to jeans sizing, not joddies. I've always found that joddies tend to be sized on the small side.

Here's some quick details on the fit of our Styles:

  • The Trail are the roomiest of the styles and rise to a few cm below the waist (depending on your body shape of course)
  • The Trainers fit more like a pair of jodhpurs and rise through to the waist.
  • The Equitation are the slimmest fitting of the styles. They're meant to be snug. These are the ones that have been described as 'rider's shapewear'. They are also the ones that rise a little higher to the small of your back.
  • The Picadero are our Spanish (or Vaquero) style, and they're also cut to be snug.
  • The Horizons are very similar in fit to the Trainers, in that they also ride through to the waist. However the denim fabric has a little more stretch.



Leg Length

All About Ride Proud Riding Pants Leg Length

We're currently phasing out our shorter lengths. You'll still find some 82cm and 83cm styles on the website, but eventually we'll have only 85cm inside length length.

I can appreciate this is going to disappoint our shorter riders, but at this stage we're unable to carry stock of various lengths and we're still fielding complaints our pants are too short. If that's you, you'll pleased to know we have a 3cm hem and have included a 2cm turn, meaning you can essentially lengthen the pants an additional 4(ish) cm.

If you're one of our short riders please know the lower leg on these pants are actually quite straight and can be hemmed without spoiling the cut of the pants.


Which Boots?

Ideally, these horse riding pants are worn with low/ankle boots either low rise western boots, ropers or jodhpur boots. Mid rise western boots can be worn with the Horizon style which are cut a little wider (depending on where the underfoot keeper stitch line reaches on you), but that's the only style I'd recommend be worn with the high boots.

If you are a top boot rider these pants may still work. We have a number of riders who wear chaps or top boots over the top and remove them after their ride.

But many converted riders comment on how much more feel they have of the horses if they've transitioned from tall boots to low boots. The difference can be quite extraordinary if it's been a while since you've felt for the movement of horses ribs.



Returns Policy

We have a Refund & Exchange Policy. It's actually law, but more precisely we think about promises, doing the right thing and good old fashioned decency.

We want you to love your new riding pants.
We want happy customers and denying refunds or exchanges, or even making it difficult to do so is not in our own best interest. Besides that, it just isn't decent.

You'll find our refund policy here: www.rideproudclothing.com/policies/refund-policy



Care Instructions

You'll find a full article on this, including an explanation of the little icons inside your new riding pants.


  • Wash at or below 30⁰C: Water at 30⁰ is not very hot, in fact it’s less than lukewarm.
  • Iron at low temperature: In this case, make it as low as you can, or don't iron at all.
  • Do not dry clean:The solvents and chemicals used can be damaging.
  • Tumble Dry – Low Heat: This means it can be put in the clothes dryer, not that it should be!
  • Do not beach: No explanation needed. Please don't use bleach. It's a chemical and it will break down the fabric almost immediately




 Horse Riding Woman doing things other than Laundry

Here's my tip: Keep it simple. Cold wash, dry in the shade. Don't bother ironing.
Yep, it's that simple. You've got better things to do than laundry.



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Ann Bolam-Marsh
Ann Bolam-Marsh

December 31, 2021

Best riding pants I have ever had, I now have 3 different styles just so I can pick a style that fits my mood on the day.


March 02, 2021

Wonderful Colleen, no need for me to add or change anything in this explanation and description of the product. Says it like it is and makes me want to buy your duds, majkes me feel like a dill if I don’t buy your duds, so I did and can’t wait till they arrive here thank you for sending this to me Kerrie

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