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Marita Hird Conquers the Corrugations

Marita Hird leading boy on horse at Conquer the Corrugations Mental Health Awareness Ride
There is nothing I love more than sharing the adventures of our Proud Women, even more so when there is a cause involved.

Ever heard of Conquer the Corrugations?
It's a 42 km walk between Coen and the Archer River Roadhouse over two days. Some walk, and some ride. For those of you who wonder where on earth those places might be, they're way up the top, where it's hot, bloody hot and it's dry, dusty and the roads are kilometres in corrugations.

The goal of the event Conquer the Corrugations Cape York Mental Health Awareness Walk is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding life’s ‘corrugations’, to support and remember those affected, and to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health in Cape York.


Queensland Map showing road between Coen and Archer River


Ever heard of Marita Hird?
In our house she holds the status of Legend, inspiration and treasured family friend. I'm hoping to interview Marita next time she's down this way (she doesn't know it yet) so I'll share Marita's story then. 
If you don't know of her already, Google.

In the meantime, here's what Marita had to say about her involvement this year and a little compilation of her photos. Enjoy!

"Conquered the Corrugations again!
Day 1 I volunteered behind the scenes, setting up rest stops and handing out food. It was an eye opener as to how much goes on that participants don’t know about. Well done those that do these jobs every year!
Day 2 19km ride.
Mental Health awareness walk on the Cape.
Thank you Conquer the Corrugations. This was my 5th year!"

 ~ Marita Hird Nicholson


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