Podcast: Horse Podcast Ep 41: Comfort & Style – The Quest for the Perfect Horse Riding Pants

Ride Proud on The Beach
I had a great time speaking with Ute from Equestrian Adventuresses.
If you’ve ever wondered about the story behind the story of Ride Proud, or what drives us, here it is.

Some other fantastic podcasts on there too. Enjoy!

Thanks for the opportunity Ute.

Ride Proud Clothing Interview by Equestrian Adventuresses

On today’s episode Ute talks with Colleen Jackson, a female entrepreneur from Australia who started her own company Ride Proud, manufacturing and selling riding pants. They talk about what makes a perfect riding pants and how to start your own company. Colleen gives some insights and tips about how to be a successful business woman and how she turned her company profitable.


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