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A Weekend Out Bush

Michelle gazing over Horizon

I just spent this weekend out bush, there were a few firsts for me and my little brumby, got him unhandled about a month ago!

Took him with me and my riding horse Cisco as well as the dogs, first time back on the float since Travis was manhandled into it to get him home, first time being ponied around outside our 5 acres first time to have 9 dogs running around him,(he is used to my two) a first for me in my Horizons 2.5 days in the saddle straight and not one bit of chafe!!

Felt so comfortable and also very secure, so I’m “looking beyond” for my next adventure with Travis Cisco Reddog and Cat (wonkydog) never looking back😁 unless I’m looking to see how far I’ve come.

~  Michelle Timmins

Images of an Adventure Out Bush





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