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Marita Hird-Nicholson - An Interview with a Humble Legend

Marita Hird-Nicholson - An Interview with a Humble Legend
I recently recorded an afternoon of conversation with Marita Hird, ex jockey, multiple international equestrian competitor and dual para Olympian, including bronze medalist, and apart from all that, one of the most decent human beings that ever sat on a horse. I’m privileged enough to call her a friend.
I shared it with one of my colleagues. She commented that she thought it was strange that I was sending her an interview with a jockey. She’s not a horsewoman and she has no interest in horse racing.
Later that evening she sent me a text message. Here’s what she had to say..
“This needs to be on ABC Australian Story if it hasn’t already. Times like now when people are facing challenges, this is an uplifting message to never give up ...”
Although I know Marita well I wasn’t anticipating that she would expose herself as she’s done here. It takes guts to lay bare your vulnerabilities. I’m honoured she chose to share it with us.
This is part 1 of 5 (with a short little 6th). If you find it interesting just let it play on.
I hope you enjoy it. ❤️
PS: You’ll need about 45 mins ‘ish.
Might be a good one to listen to in the car or while cleaning the stables 😉


Part 1

Marita Hird, Ex Jockey


Part 2

Marita Hird - Ex Jockey from Melbourne, Victoria


Part 3

Marita Hird - Para Olympian


Part 4

Australian Para Olympians


Part 5

Marita Hird on the Conquer the Corrugations Walk


Part 6 - Final

Marita Hird with her foal, Archie

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