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10 Days on the Australian Bicentennial National Trail

10 Days on the Australian Bicentennial National Trail

Michelle Timmins is a wonderful Ambassador for Ride Proud, she's also a precious friend, and a whole lot of fun to spend time with.
You might have seen her and her horse Cisco and her cattle dog, Reddog in some of our photoshoots. As a team they have just about reached celebrity status.

For a long time now she's been taking me out and about on trail rides in the local area. Think bush rides, beach and rainforest. She goes anywhere and everywhere.

So, when she told me wanted to do an unsupported, 10 day ride on our Australian Bicentennial National Trail I doubted for not one minute that she would do just that.

Her preparation has been slow, methodical and thorough. She's gathered up the gear she needs (including her pack horse, Travis (aka the Esky) and done many, many miles to ensure the fit and safety and to condition her horses. There are other riders joining her now and they will be supported, but Michelle and her horses will be carrying everything they need for the 10 day trip.

She's almost ready. And she's prepared to take us along, vicariously anyway. Michelle is documenting her journey and will sharing it with us.

Because 10 days is waaay too long for me to be in the saddle, and away from home, we're sending her along with some of our gear.

Here's her first journal little entry and some words of gratitude.


My last Pack horse horse training ride today for my big 10 day ride up the CREB track following parts of the BNT only 3 more weekends to go which consist of a Ranch Sorting competition, getting shoes on the boys and a reconnaisance drive to check out some of the camp sites.

My biggest fear is crossing the Daintree River at Bairds crossing.

I’m not sweating the small stuff as Colleen from Ride Proud has my ass covered with sponsorship of riding pants, a cap, a lovely little flexible drinking cup and a journal to write in as I go.

Thankyou so much RP for these gifts of luxury which will make my journey more comfortable

Michelle xx


Relaxing by the damn with horses and dog

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Melanie Lovett
Melanie Lovett

October 30, 2021

Wishing you all the best for your journey. I will be looking forward to your updates.

Tiffany Power
Tiffany Power

August 28, 2021

I cannot wait to hear about your journey Michelle.


August 28, 2021

Best wishes for a happy long trail

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