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Christin (aka Pixie Caramelle's Ma): 3 Pearls of Wisdom

Proud Woman:  Christin D

So I have thought carefully

I’ve realised that whatever I do, I need to be someone I can live with.

Over time I have worked out that I only feel deep shame and regret if I have been unkind, dishonest, or let someone down.

Those are my values.

So long as I am kind, honest and keep my word, I am who I want to be. What is most important to me is not achievements, but character. Everyone’s values and priorities are different, and that’s ok, but I believe that self-respect comes from identifying one’s central values and living according to them.

Two other things I’ve worked out:

Success as part of a team is so much sweeter than individual victory. Shared triumph is filled with the joy of camaraderie. Individual triumph is lonely. I’d rather help someone win than win myself.

And The most rewarding person to complete with and compare yourself to is the you of yesterday. Am I better today than I was the day before? Have I learned something? Am I braver? Faster? More accurate? If not, do I need help, do I need a rest, or is it time to re-evaluate my goals?

 There you are, three pearls of wisdom for the price of one!

Big hugs, Pixie’s Ma (Christin)

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