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Vlog: Tag Us! For the Photo Galleries - 14 June 2022

Tag Us! For the Photo Galleries

Did you know we have photo galleries on our website? We have one for each style and if you have a pair of Ride Proud Pants I'd love be received a photo for the gallery.

There's a chance to win a mystery prize too. Listen in and I'll tell you about it.

Stay to the end to hear about something exciting coming up too.

FaceBook Live - 5 April 2022


Hi there, it's Colleen from Ride Proud. How are you? I'm good. 

It's cold up here. In fact, it's been bloody freezing up here. 

A funny thing happened on that this morning I was messaging with a girlfriend friend of mine who lives down on the coast and we were saying how cold it is up here at the moment and she's warmer than me down there on the coast. 

And we were saying, yes, bloody freezing. And then I got a message from another businesswoman from down south and she said to me, “is it cold up there?”, me,” yeah, freezing” 

And I've been telling my mate how I'm sitting here in the office and freezing. I've got an oil heater between my legs, I've got my gum, sorry, my Ugg boots on, but it is cold in here. This office is actually an old carport that we've converted to the office. So, the Roof's not insulated and it truly is cold. 

But when this woman messaged me from down south and I said, yeah, it's cold. And I picked up my phone so I could tell her the temperature. It's 22 degrees even I know that's not cold. 

So, I was a little bit embarrassed about whinging about the chill in the air, but that's how people in the tropics feel about the winter.  

Having said that, it is absolutely stunning out there. It's a typical North Queensland winter day. It's a clear blue sky. It's magic. I can't wait to get out there this afternoon, but I'm not here to talk about the weather and you don't want to hear about it. 

What I do want to talk to you about this week is what we've got going on this week. Do you know that next week is International Selfie Day? Are you into selfies? Maybe you are. 

A lot of the kids are into selfies. 

It's not my thing, but I absolutely love receiving your photos and I appreciate every single one that comes in. And I want to tell you about our photo galleries. Have you seen the photo galleries on the website? 

If you go to the website and. 

Go right down to the bottom, into the footer, you'll see some dropdown menus there. And in that menu is a photo gallery. So, we've got fantastic photo galleries in there of you guys wearing the pants. I've got one for Equitation, one for the trail, one for the trainers, one for the horizon. I want one for the limited editions. I really love that. I have got a couple of photos there. If women were in limited editions, I'd love more. So, what I want you to do, please, is to send me your photos for next week. Send me your photos now. So, there are a couple of ways to do it. You can email them to me, you can go to the website and there's a little message bubble on there. You can click on that and send me a photo. There this is what I really love you to do. You can load them straight to the Facebook page or Instagram and tag us. If you just tag me with Ride. 

Proud clothing, you'll have to use the three words because otherwise I won't. 

It doesn't tag our page. I would love you to do that. And what I'm going to do, let's give it a week. Yes, maybe this time next week I'd love you to continue to do it. But what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up all the ones that have tagged us or sent photos in between now and Wednesday. Next week selfie day is Tuesday, the 21 June. So up until the end of the 21 June, I'm going to go through them all and I'm going to pick one photo that I love. I love them all. I'm going to pick one photo and I'm going to send that person a gift. I don't know what it will be. 

I'm actually waiting delivery of a fantastic new product. 

Maybe I'll send one of those. 

I'll think about it. 

I'll think about what I'm going to send, but there'll be a gift in there for somebody who sends me photos. So please give it some thought. I really do appreciate it. And the other thing is, it's actually really helpful for other women to prospective. 

Customers find it really helpful. 

Sometimes I get photos, so I get emails from women who say, I really like the look of the pants, but I just don't know if they'll suit me. I'm not the same body shape or size as your models. Have you got any other photos? And what I'm able to do now is just flick them a link to that Gallery of all of the women wearing that particular style and they flick through it and they can see if they identify with any of those women. The other thing I get asked is I have a chestnut horse. Will that colour suit me? Is that colour a good choice? 

And so, I'm able to say, well. 

Have a look through, see what you think. So that's what I want to talk. 

To you about today. 

Something else I can tell you about is do you remember the blog? 

How could you forget? 

We sent the blog out last week. 

About our confidence tips that Sue Franks wrote for us.  
Thank you.  
I've had a fantastic response to that blog.  
I've had responses from women from different countries throughout the world.
So, what I did was I contacted sue and I said, sue, can we expand upon that and can we talk about it some more?  
And sue is so gracious, she agreed.  
So, what I've got coming up for you soon is an interview between sue and I. We got together last night and we just talked about confidence tips.  We talked about the blog that she wrote and it was a really good conversation. And I think you're going to enjoy that. So, keep an eye out for that. That's coming. Yeah, that's coming. And the other thing I asked at the end was if some of you guys have questions or you want to work with sue, is it possible? And if she has agreed so I.  
Will drop the link to her blog.  From last week and you'll find her contact details in there. So, if you read it and you were intrigued and you decided you wanted to work with sue, even if you can't get together with her in person, she's invited you to contact her and she can do some sort of mindset coaching over the phone. She can talk through all sorts of different things over the phone or through social media.
Yeah, I just thought I'd mention that quickly now because while it was fresh in my mind because we spoke last night, sue is available and there's more coming for you. So, it was a really good conversation. I think you'll enjoy it. Anyway, you've probably heard me waffle enough every time for me to go get a copy. Thank you for joining me again.
Send your photos in. I really love to receive them and like I said, we'll pick some lucky person and send them something, something interesting. All right, guys.  
Thanks. Bye. 

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