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A Ride Proud Bootleg Riding Pants Unboxing

A Ride Proud Bootleg Riding Pants Unboxing

Keen to order some new bootleg jodhpurs but not quite sure what expect?

Here Christin has shared her unboxing experience of the Equitation Riding Pants. Regardless of the style, all our riding pants are packaged and presented the same way - with love and pride. Enjoy!

By the way, Christin also has another style of bootlegs. She also has the Trail Riding Pants and this is what she has to say about them:

"I bought online - service was excellent, speedy response to questions, etc. My new 'jodhy pants', the TRAIL pants, are my new favourite riding pants. They are really comfortable, no, er, rubbing in the crotch area, no bunching, lovely and cool (I bought 'wheat' colour). They look great too, it's almost a pity to have them as my everyday jodhs. The build quality is superb, really rugged material that is still very flexible and stretchy. The pockets are sleek but somehow I can still wedge my phone in the secure zipped thigh pocket. Someone has put a LOT of careful thought into these, they're quite a feat of engineering. I can't wait to have justification to buy another pair (who knows, maybe my least favourite old grey breeches will have a little 'accident'...)"   ~ Christin Downs

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