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Penny Windlow's 159.485 Km in May

Penny Windlow's 159.485 Km in May
Penny Windlow riding for Run4BlueMeet Penny Windlow.

And let me tell you about what she's been up to, and why.

On 22 April 2020, Victoria Police lost four dedicated and hardworking Police members in the line of duty after a tragic accident on the Eastern Freeway in Kew, Victoria. We are all deeply impacted by this loss of life.

Penny is aiming to clock up a total of 159.485km during May. To me, as an arena rider, that is a massive number. 
She's doing this as a nod to those four Police Officers who were so tragically killed. To honour them, she’s signed up for Run4Blue by committing to ride 159.485km throughout the month of May. That number is significant because it is the total of each of their registered numbers, assigned to them when they were sworn in as Police.

- 27.417km for Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor
- 40.942km for Senior Constable Kevin King
- 45.438km for Constable Joshua Prestney
- 45.688km for Constable Glen Humphris

Many people across Australia are doing this as part of Run4Blue. Penny worked for Victoria Police as a public servant, and has family members and friends who are current serving members. She says, “Policing gets into your blood”.

Here’s what Penny had to say about her ride:

"We went for a lovely ramble down a new route that I discovered recently on my pushbike. We wandered down a largely dirt road with gorgeous views of one of the local mountains, and then came back along a grassy path dotted with patches of light bush, which was great fun for adventuring - dry creek beds, fallen trees, and even some railway tracks to cross. We live in a very quiet location, so it was lovely to just enjoy some peace and quiet.

I’m also planning to do an extra 22.036 km to mark Senior Sergeant Vic Kostiuk, who was killed in 2018 while on the Wall to Wall Ride.

I’ll be doing this as a combination of bike rides with the dogs (which we do a couple of times a week - weather permitting), clocking up distance on the spin bike, and riding out on my beautiful 16 year old Australian Stock Horse mare, Jill.

As some of you know, I have a close connection with Victoria Police, and I wanted to do something to mark the fallen.

May they Rest In Peace.”

If you’d like to be involved you’ll find all the information on the R4Blue website:
Here's the link:  https://run4blue.net/
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