Which Horse Riding Pants Style , Trail or Trainers?

Before we talk about the differences between the Trail style and the Trainers style let's talk about what the similarities are.

 Trail  Trainers
  • Comfort Waistband
Yes Yes
  • Full Suede Seat
Yes Yes
  • Underfoot Keeper
Yes Yes
  • Tummy Support
Yes Yes
  • Seamless Inner Leg
Yes Yes
  • Bootleg Cut
Yes Yes
  • Thigh Pocket

See Below

See Below


Trainers Style Horse Riding Pants


Both these styles have our Comfort Waistband. They a little give in them and aren't rigid, which means they're more comfortable than a standard waistband and they won't dig or cut in when you bend and stretch.

They both have a full suede seat. In fact all our riding pants do. It's a little different to most riding pants in that we’ve extended our suede insert through to the waist.  We think its a little more flattering.

There is nothing worse than a pants leg that rides up during a ride out or a training session and both these styles have the underfoot keeper to help with that.

No inside leg seam in either style (or any style) because you want to be concentrating on your ride, not worrying about chaffing rubbing from the bulk of a seam against the saddle.

Every style has inbuilt tummy support. It's not restricting, we were careful about that. You'll still be able exhale and relax into the saddle like you're supposed to.

All our styles have thigh pockets too but this is where most people will find the difference in the styles.


Trail Style Horse Riding Pants

Now let's talk differences.

Primarily, or visually, it's the pocket. The Trainers have the patch cargo pocket on the outside of the leg.  But the differences are way more than that.

They're cut from two very different base patterns which means they fit differently.

The Trail style have a lower rise by a few cm and don't quite reach the waist. But whose waist? Well, it all depends on our body shape. I have some customers requesting a lower style because the Trail sit at their waist and the Trainers actually sit up under their bust ... suffice to way we're all different, but for most of us the Trail style is a few cm below the waist, and the Trainers are on the waist.

You'll find the Trainers will fit like a pair of jodhpurs, where as the Trail style are a little roomer at the crotch. Like I said, the base pattern they're cut from is quite different.

The Trail style have the cutaway pocket that you'll see on almost all jeans, for Australian's you'll know it as a Stockmans Cut, where as the Trainers have a straight cut pocket with a reinforced opening.

The Trainers have a similar reinforced pocket flap on the cargo pocket, whereas the Trail have the concealed pocket which, by the way, makes them suitable for the Show Ring, whereas the Trainers aren't.

I've detailed the differences below in dot point:



  • Mid-Rise (to a few cm below the waist depending on your body structure)
  • Rise to the waist.
  • Our roomiest style
  • Fit like a traditional pair of jodhpurs.
  • Concealed Thigh Pockets
  • Cargo Thigh Pockets 
  • Cutaway front pockets (not dissimilar to a pair of jeans)
  • Straight cut, reinforced front pockets





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