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Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style, Back
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style, Side
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style, Front Detail
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style, Outside Leg
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style, Back and Side
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style, Inside Leg
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style in 5 Colours
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style in Navy
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style in Brown
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style in Grey
Bootleg Jodhpur Riding Pants, Equitation Style in Black

Equitation Bootleg Riding Pants

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The ultimate arena pants ...

Designed to showcase your beautiful body so you can concentrate on your ride.

The Equitation Horse Riding Pants rise through to the waist without a waistband and offer gentle tummy support to smooth out unwanted ‘curves’ we might have and the rear adjuster offers help for those of us whose pants tend to gape at the back. 

Nothing fits and feels like the equitation pant, and they've been described to us as 'rider's shapewear'.

The Equitation Horse Riding Pants have thigh pockets on each leg, full suede seat and the underfoot keeper.

Elegance Personified.


  • Stylish & Classy
  • Contoured Waistline without a Waistband
  • Rear Adjuster - specially for those whose pants tend to gape at the back
  • Snug Fitting Style
  • Full Suede Seat
  • Seamless Inner Leg
  • Thigh Pocket
  • Inbuilt Tummy Support without compromising comfort
  • Perfect Fabric Blend
  • Fabric Composition:  60% Cotton, 35% Nylon, 5% Elastane 
  • Now available in 5 colours:  Black, Navy, Grey, Brown & Wheat

Teams beautifully with our riding shirts - we made them that way.

Click <HERE> to see our riding shirts and vest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Love them!

Love the Ride Proud jodhpurs I received recently. Beautifully made and very comfortable, it was a good buy.

Love them!

So excited to receive my Ride Proud equitation bootleg riding pant. Am finally getting back to riding after a hiatus and with daughters show jumping, it has been a good excuse to get back on a horse. Jeans were uncomfortable and I did not want the jodhpurs, gaiters etc etc, so the bootleg riding pants are perfect for me. They provide the ‘give’ required when getting on my rather sizeable horse, don’t cut in around the tummy or thighs and are nice and long for those of us who have longer legs. The tuck in the back is great too, having a smaller waist to hips ratio. And they look good…so I feel good! If only my riding ability was this easy to improve!

Equitation Bootleg Riding Pants

The Equitation Pants make you really want to swing up into the saddle and shine bright like a diamond. These pants are so classy and stylish. At the front, the waist is build to really shape that tummy in nicely and the way the back of the pants are designed, they make your backside look ultra cute! The equitation riding pants make you sit up tall and be 100% proud to be out and about either playing, training or competing. They are super comfy and the suede along with the attractiveness of the cut and shape, helps you sit nicely in the saddle. They were a tad fitted when I tried them on but with summer (and no air-conditioning in my house) everything sticks. After a short time they stretched out nicely and fit perfect. I buy another pair in a heartbeat!

Love the look and feel of the equitation pants

Very good quality. They feel great on, very supportive! I was worried they were too tight at first but kept them on for a few hours and decided they were great. They are a bit tight around the thigh area which I first really noticed when I tried to climb on my horse and my leg didn’t want to swing over as easily as usual 😂. Now I am aware of this I just pull them up a bit more before I get on and there is no problem. Really glad I bought these, wearing my pants makes me feel good😀. Want to try the dark jeans when they are back in stock.

Bootleg riding pants

Excellent pants

Equitation Pants a winner!

Just received my Equitation Pants. The fit is beautiful and of course I rode them straight away to see if they really fitted when riding.
Worth every cent. I have never ridden in jodhpurs or jeans that felt so comfortable to ride in than these Equitation Pants. I'm glad I ordered two pairs.


Yes i love my equestrian pants, but most importantly I love the huge amount of help i got in making the purchase. Nothing was too hard, Covid postal delays taken into account, no pressure, much toing and froing. All done with a smile. Thankyou Colleen

Love my new pants

They are certainly quality. The only negative is as per our phone conversation they are a tad long. But the positive is they are beautifully made and super comfortable

Great fit

I love my first pair and they definitely will not be the last pair I purchase. 😊

Equitation Pants

Pants are beautifully made. In hindsight though, I should have waited for the 'relaxed fit' trail pants rather than being impatient & ordering the 'slim fit'.


I am blown away by the design, quality and fit!

Every rider needs a couple of pairs!
Very classy!  I love them!

Mikail Brennan

Equitation with the adjustable waist create the perfect fit for my narrow waist. No more gapping!!

Riding in these pants I can concentrate on me and my horse not my pants. 

Vicky Midgley

These are just pure class with the added bonus of being practical as well.

I almost want to keep them as dressy going out pants, but they are made to ride in and that is what I will do.

Diane Montague