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Shopper 66 (Australia)
Equitation pants

Really good pants, lovely quality and the 4 pockets are a bonus. True to size. (I rode in them, let the hem down, rehemmed, washed and used again before reviewing)

Shopper 66, thank you!
I wish I knew who you were so I can thank you properly, but thank you nonetheless.
I appreciate your support. ~Colleen

Anne Zahradnik (United States)
Exceeded my high hopes

These riding pants are amazing. They fit! They are designed for my body, not for a 12 year old girl. They are made of high-quality fabric with high-quality construction. They are crazy comfortable to ride in. I'm buying many more pairs.

Anne, you nailed it! These are designed for us, not our daughters. I'm stoked to receive your review, thank you

Carol Davies (Australia)
Love the Quality

Love the quality but I will have to shorten heaps I’m only 5’2” so extremely long

Great feedback, thanks Carol.
I'm hoping we get to the stage where we can increase our range to include various lengtsh. Not there yet though. Thanks for sticking with us.

Eva Jones (United Kingdom)
Customs Duty on top!

Unfortunately I can't review the clothing because on arrival in the UK I was sent a request to pay an additional £120 duty. I haven't paid this and hopefully when the clothes get sent back to Australia I will get my money refunded.

Eva, you're right, you can't review the clothing because you haven't ever actually received them, but nonetheless you have and you've unfairly left us a 1 Star.
Without question, and as per our policy your refund will be actioned immediately upon receipt of them back to me.

Judy Carter (Canada)

I finally received my equitation pants, and they fit beautifully. I have not tried them out yet.
The first ones sent were too small. I should have paid the exorbitant return price for faster shipping. Instead, the parcel went by boat, SLOW boat, to Australia! Sitting in every port for days.
Coleen was excellent to deal with at her end, thank you very much Colleen! And for her patience, and quick replies.
They pants are very good quality. I am looking forward to using them for a long time

We got there Judy and eventually, so did the pants.
I'm so pleased they were worth waiting for. I hope you enjoy them for many, many rides.

nicole Giroux (Canada)
Great service and awesome fitting pants!

I was very impressed by the service. After submitting my order I received an email to verify the sizing which I had initially entered incorrectly as I was ordering from Canada. The pants fit great, are very flattering, are extremely well made and have great pockets. I shall be ordering my next pair very soon.

Thanks for the great review Nicole. Your ordering issue prompted us to change our sizing format on the website. Already other customers have commented how helpful the change is. So it was a good result for both of us.

Donna Anderson (New Zealand)
Equitation Horse Riding Pants

Love these pants super comforable to wear while not riding & even better on a horse, no ride up of the legs ,good stickablity on the seat I sure would recommend them . Regards Donna Anderson ( New Zealand)

Donna, exactly what you said! I had in mind they would be worn on and off the horse. Did you happen to see our 'night out' photos of the girls wearing the Equitation?

Ann Bolam-Marsh (Australia)
Equitation Horse Riding Pants

Totally rapt in my Equitation Horse Riding Pants, they are so comfortable and the fit is true to size.

Thank Ann! Thank you for your review. Makes me so happy to have happy customers

Hawkeye Jan (United States)
Great design

I really like the design of the Equitation riding pants. Unfortunately I ordered a size too big and have return them in exchange for a smaller pair. The length is a problem for my frame. I will probably need to have the hemmed and have the foot strap sewn together. Even with all of that, I still feel like these may finally be the pants that fit my high waist and thick midriff. Fingers crossed. I will post an updated review when I have my final fit.

Thanks Jan. Your review will be helpful to other women with a similar body shape.
I'll look forward to your update.

Marjorie Scott (Australia)

Exceptionally high quality product
The pants gape slightly at the back on me however the fabric is soft enough that I can sew two darts to make them fit perfectly

Thanks for the review Marjorie.
Fingers crossed your tailoring makes them perfect for you.