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Based on 495 reviews
Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Marjorie Scott (Australia)

Exceptionally high quality product
The pants gape slightly at the back on me however the fabric is soft enough that I can sew two darts to make them fit perfectly

Trainers horse riding pants

100% love these pants. Everything about the service & correspondence has been top notch & would gladly deal with this company again. Regards, Karen...👍😊

Karen, that is so good!
I'm so pleased you love them. Happy Days!

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Margaret A (Australia)
Great quality & fantastic service

I purchased the Trail Pants. I’ve tried them on and not that they are of a fantastic quality and fit well. My only issue is they are just so long - and am grappling with how to take them up to ensure the integrated underfoot keeper is not interfered with. Would be great if they were offered in different lengths: short, regular and long!

Margaret, thank you for the review, and I'm stoked you're happy with them.
As for the length, you may need to also shorten the underfoot keeper, or remove it?

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Veronica ODwyer (Australia)

The pants are a quality product and so comfortable. Thank you

Thank you Veronica!

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Sue Moffatt (Australia)
Trail Gen 2 Riding Pants

Very comfortable to wear and look amazing on. Love the pockets and quality to detail. My second purchase and won't be my last.

It's so good to receive a review like this. I want our wearers to feel fantastic in these pants, sounds like we nailed it for you. :) Makes me happy.
Thanks Sue!

7 PM Scoop Tee
Chrissy Cahill
Scoop tee

Received my scoop tee ,wore it yesterday and it's so comfortable.. Thinking perhaps I need another ....

Chrissy thank you for your review. I'm stoked you're happy with your new Scoop Tee!

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
Sue Moffatt (Australia)
Excellent service and fantastic product

I purchased a pair of the riding jeans after having to return the first item for being too small. The service was wonderful and there was no issue with having to return my purchase. I now have a fantastic pair of riding jeans which are very comfortable to wear and ride in. Will definitely be back for more.

Sue, thank you! I'm so pleased we got the sizing right.

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
Anette Karlsson (New Zealand)
Good looking and practical

Comfortable and very smart looking. Stretchy feel. I will buy again.

Great to hear you're happy with them Anette.
Thanks for the review.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Anne H. (United States)
Awesome pants

Love my trainers! Excellent fit and quality. Customer service was great- Colleen was so easy to work with on a return and helpful with determining new size. I highly recommend this company! Any chance for a lightweight pant for those hot summer days???

Anne, such a fantastic review, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time.
Lighter weight? Yep. Keep an eye out for the next Limited Edition

Hand Soap for Horsewomen
Christin (Australia)
Based on smell only

I admit I have not used the soap. It smells too good. I bought the first one as an Xmas gift for a horsey friend…AND KEPT IT FOR MYSELF Sorry Deb. I bought a second one…same thing happened. The smell, for me, is perfect and I can’t seem to part with it. My undie drawer is full of nicely wrapped Hand Soap for Horsewomen now.

Oh no, poor Deb!
And I'm off to pop a soap in with my knickers!


Ok could not help gloating. These are so blimmin’ fab and look stunning I feel bad for everyone who missed out. Wearing them I felt like I was in dress uniform and a superhero. I won’t bang on about how comfy they are cos I don’t want you to be tooooo jealous.

You've cracked me up.
And yes, for anyone else reading this - the Limited Edition sell out fast - super fast!
Get on the waist list!!

Proud Leather Belts
Christin (Australia)
Made with evident pride

The hand tooling is absolutely gorgeous and it’s clear that the artisan responsible loves their craft. It’s a quality belt. The inside surface is a little rougher than you would get from a mass produced belt and reminds me of things I bought directly from the crafter that time in Morocco (the time I got super bad food poisoning - not from eating leather so not relevant here!)

I bought a terracotta belt. The colour varied a bit from website photos, which is to be expected with natural materials (it’s real full grain leather) so if you had your heart set on a particular shade you might have to have a chat to Colleen first.

I am already eyeing up the denim blue one…

Christin, you're right about the artisan. He is one of my most favourite suppliers to work with and he is very proud of his product.
Good tip on the colour too. I'll focus more on that when photographing in the future.
Thank you!

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
susie sullivan (United States)
Great pants, however, I choose the wrong size!

Love the way they look! I need to exchange for a different size.

Oh dear. Let's get that sizing sorted out Susie and maybe we can lift the 3 Star to something better.!

7 PM Casual Cargo Pants
Chrissy Cahill
Casual Cargo Pants

Received my cargo pants and they are a great fit and so light and extremely comfortable to wear ....

Good! I want you to be comfortable in these. I'm glad you're enjoying them.

7 PM Casual Cargo Pants
carey Wilman (New Zealand)
After 7pm

I was really amazed at the style, comfort and softness of the material used for these pants. But best of all they take up little room in your bag. Ideal for any casual occasion. The purple colour is brilliant. Might just have to get a blue pair lol.

Carey, I'm stoked you're happy with your 7PMs!
Thank you for your review

7 PM Midi Tee
Karen McKaye (Canada)
Fabulous quality and fit

I purchased 2 pair of Trail Gen1 riding pants and 1 pair of Equitation pants. Your riding pants are fantastic, excellent quality and so comfortable I am anxiously waiting for the ice to melt and the footing to improve to hit the trails. I received the 7 PM midi Tee as a surprise with my order and love it.

The shipping went off without a hitch and I had my order here [Canada] in less than a week. The duties were handled efficiently by the shipping company and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for these wonderful riding pants [I love boot cut] I will be back for more.


Karen, such a wonderful review, and very helpful other Canadian shoppers. Thank you for sharing.
And I'm pleased you love the Midi.

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Debra Gould (Australia)
Best pants to ride in.!! Fit great !!.

I now have two pair, of the ride proud pants .They are so comfortable to ride in, and look flash .I feel great in them. Now one pair for daily, riding and the other are for special days . I highly recommend them for fit and and they wash up beautiful. So come on, ladies try them out. Fast and excellent service from Collen.

Debra, thank you!
I'm betting your Limited Edition are for special days? They are a bit special.

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
Martha Leslie (United States)
Excellent service

Excellent product. Excellent customer service. I would buy again and recommend to all my friends.

Martha, thank you for your kind words.

Horizon Horse Riding Jeans
Janice Chambers (Canada)
Blue Jean heaven

Fit as advertised and look fantastic

Thanks for the feedback, Janice.
Much appreciated.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Adrienne Staples (New Zealand)
Great Pants

I was blown away that such stylish riding pants could be so comfortable, even before their first wash.
They fit like a second skin, no baggy bum even when faced with the challenges of an aging body.
They're so comfy you could wear them to bed. I just love them.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Margaret Menkedick (United States)
Lovely pants!

These are beautiful riding pants! I love the cinch at the back of the waist. I thought I’d have to hem them since I have a 31” inseam, but they are actually perfect when in the saddle. I can cuff them once while walking around so I don’t dirty the hem. I bought these because I want to show my horse in western dressage this summer, and I think these will look really sharp. I also like to train in classical dressage, so I will wear these at clinics. I can’t believe how fast they came to the US! Thank you for a great product and great service!

What a great review, thank you Margaret.
It was classical dressage that I had in mind when I designed these pants, but they are perfect for western dressage too.
I'm so pleased you're happy with them.

Riding Jeans

Comfortable, stretchy and I love the foot strap...inside my boots...

You got it - inside the boot! Thanks for the review, Elmire.
I'm grateful
~ Colleen

7 PM Midi Tee
Keryn (Australia)
Quality, Design, Comfort - Love My Midi Tee

I just love the colour pink chosen for the Midi Tee, soft like the tee itself. You can't help but notice the quality of the fabric and the overall finish of the shirt. It's unique in design and very comfortable to wear. Love my new Midi Tee!

Thank you. Yes, we tried to do something different with the style and finish with them and chose that fabric especially because of the feel and texture.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Linda Wuy (United States)
Best riding pants EVER!

I’ve had many riding pants and jeans over 40yrs and these are without a doubt the best most comfortable well made ones I’ve ever owned. Got two pairs instantly. Seriously ladies you need these pants!!!

Hey, Linda, thank you!
That's a huge compliment to our pants. I've loved getting to know you a little while we got your pants sorted for you.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Cheryl B (United States)
Trainer love

Sturdy with the amazing seat that helps you stick to your horse no matter what. Love them and love the fit. Would like a higher rise but that’s just me and my body, will buy again

Thank you for your review Cheryl.
Higher rise? Stay tuned ;)