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We love to receive feedback from customers about their new Riding Pants (and other riding gear) they've purchased from us, or even just about their experience dealing with us.

It encourages us to continue to do better and guides our decisions into the future.

If you're one of our valued customers you've probably received a email from us kindly asking for a review. If you have, THANK YOU, it's appreciated, if you haven't perhaps you'd like to leave one now?

Social Proof (in the form of Reviews) are invaluable for small business as it helps potential customers decide where to spend their hard earned money and to know that we're a trusted online store.

Based on 550 reviews
Limited Edition Burnt Sienna Pants

To be honest, I am absolutely in love with these pants. The colour just matches literally everything I own including my horses! Love love love!!!! Thank you for such gorgeous, inspiring and quality riding pants <3

Fitted Riding Vest
Tracee (Australia)
Fitted ladies vest

Beautiful lightweight vest. Fits perfectly with tabs to tighten a little. I am usually size 8-10 and the size S vest looks tailor made.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Cathy Mahoney (Australia)
Over the moon

Just received my first pair of riding pants and absolutely love them. Very comfortable and great design

Near Side Sports Socks
Diane Montague (Australia)
Love my Socks

Another winner! I wore them for the first time on the weekend. Perfect under boots all day. I even got them on the correct feet! Love them!!

And, they don't feel as good on the wrong feet!

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Shopper 66 (Australia)
Equitation pants

Really good pants, lovely quality and the 4 pockets are a bonus. True to size. (I rode in them, let the hem down, rehemmed, washed and used again before reviewing)

Shopper 66, thank you!
I wish I knew who you were so I can thank you properly, but thank you nonetheless.
I appreciate your support. ~Colleen

Hand Soap for Horsewomen
Ineke Keough (Australia)
Hand Soap for Horse Woman

What an absolute scent sensation! A gorgeous lush soap that makes you stop and take a leisurely pause as you wash your horsey hands and then get on with your day.

Near Side Sports Socks
Mary, Canberra (Australia)
Love my socks!

They make me smile and I love the quality. Can you pls do some summer ones too. ❤️

Mary, this made my day! I love that they made you smile and hope they continue to do exactly that every time you put them on.

Show Ring Horse Riding Jeans
Diane Montague (Australia)
Show ring pants another Winner!

This is my 8th pair of Ride Proud pants, and honestly each pair just gets better! You have done it again Colleen! The fit is fantastic, the colour is perfect, and as usual comfort is just amazing!

Diane, you have more pants than me! I agree though, the Show Ring are super comfortable.

Show Ring Horse Riding Jeans
Roslyn (Australia)
Ride Proud Show Ring Denim Riding Pants

These have amazing qualities such as the 4 way stretch denim which is super comfortable and flattering. The phone pocket is a great idea as are the boot keepers. I wore them recently at the Gympie Muster and felt right at home. The leg length is quite long as I am 170 cm and ordered the 83cm. I ordered my regular fashion clothes size. So good knowing I can ride in them or just wear them and feel great!

Roslyn you look absolutely gorgeous! I love this photo. Thanks for sharing.

Near Side Sports Socks
Ineke Keough (Australia)
Near Side Sport Socks

Wow these socks are really comfy! They fit my feet perfectly and when I slip my boots off I cant help but just wear them around the house. They are a great length up my calf as I can flip the top of the socks down level with my boots so no more rubbing or chafing on long rides. Love the near side and off side.. Thats a real special touch.. What other socks have that!!! Horse socks for horse woman... Perfect.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Karen Sharpe (New Zealand)
Trainer pants

Great service. Nice comfy pants that fit really well.

Hand Soap for Horsewomen
Sheila Pendleton-Orme (United States)
Yummy Hand Soap

I love the hand soap. Soothing with a wonderful yummy fragrance. You have got to try it.

Trail Gen2 Horse Riding Pants
Karen Lutz (Canada)
Love these pants!

Just received my second pair of the Trail Gen 2 riding pants and I love them. Whether in the arena or on the trail they are super comfortable with generous pockets and well made. They are a little pricier than some but honestly they are worth it. I’ve bought a lot of riding breeches over the years and these are simply awesome for fit, comfort and function. I’ll be buying more!

Karen, thank you for the fantastic review. Im so happy you're more comfortable in the Trails.
Enjoy your rides!

Fitted Riding Vest
Sheila Pendleton-Orme (United States)
Love Ride Proud products

Ride Proud products are the best. My second order included a vest, neck warmer and soap. The quality is just as superb as their pants. Oh my gosh the soap smells so good, it’s wonderful. Their pants are incredible, quality and fit. Their customer service is top notch. They make you feel special. I would recommend them they are the real deal. Thanks Ride Proud Clothing

Sheila, thank you! Referral is the very best recommendation a business can receive. Please know I'm grateful.
~ Colleen

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Anne Zahradnik (United States)
Exceeded my high hopes

These riding pants are amazing. They fit! They are designed for my body, not for a 12 year old girl. They are made of high-quality fabric with high-quality construction. They are crazy comfortable to ride in. I'm buying many more pairs.

Anne, you nailed it! These are designed for us, not our daughters. I'm stoked to receive your review, thank you

Trail Gen1 Horse Riding Pants
Anette Porter (United States)
So happy!

Liking the fit of these pants and can’t wait to break them in!

Anette, be sure to keep us updated, and thanks for the review.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Susan McDonald (Canada)
First pair and over the moon happy!

Received my trainer pants and neck warmer!! It only took a week to ship to Canada, super fast!. Quality is superb, fit was exactly what I had ordered (with the websites directions) worth every penny!

Sue this is great to hear, thank you. I hope you get lots of wear out of both of them.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants
Elizabeth Stuart (United States)
First Pair and Love Them!

I just received my new pair of trainers. They are comfortable and they fit well. The fabric is high quality and the color (gray) is beautiful. I love the pockets on the legs for treats and my phone.

Elizabeth, it really is all about the pockets! These are my favourite style for trail riding too.

Fitted Riding Vest
Nelly Kennedy (United States)
Love this vest!!

Vests are among my favorite riding apparel, I have way too many of them. This one is my new favorite, it's super well designed, functional and looks great with my Ride Proud Equitation pants (my other favorite!!). Have gotten a lot of compliments and love the great work and great customer service from Colleen and her team. Highly recommend!!

Nelly, thank you! I've loved reading your review. I'm grateful for your support of my small business. ~Colleen

Happy happy showtime

I love these new showtime pants.. I am down a size and loved the way the tame the tummy. I also got a pair of equitation in tan and a smaller size!!!! They are so pretty and comfy

Apryl Tummy Tamers. I'll never think of tummy support as anything else now. You've made me LOL, thank you.
I'm so happy you're happy with them.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Carol Davies (Australia)
Love the Quality

Love the quality but I will have to shorten heaps I’m only 5’2” so extremely long

Great feedback, thanks Carol.
I'm hoping we get to the stage where we can increase our range to include various lengtsh. Not there yet though. Thanks for sticking with us.

LOVE my Journal

I received my journal, and I LOVE it. I am using it for all my Horsey concoctions, and recipes for all things Equine.
The leather is so soft and smells fantastic (I love the smell of Leather) The paper is lovely to write on, and I feel a bit special when I’m using it. 5 starts isn’t enough!! Thank you Colleen another winner for sure.

Diane, I love the paper too! I'd love to see some of the equine recipes you've got in there.

Trainers Horse Riding Pants - 83cm
Cory Pereira (United States)

I have only had the opportunity to ride in these new pants once since I have received them, but I can say they fit great and I love the fabric! They perform well in the brush! I also love the pockets! My phone fits perfect!

Cory, thank you for the fantastic review. we're so pleased you're happy with them.

Show Ring Horse Riding Jeans
Susan Church (New Zealand)
Horse Riding Jeans (Show Ring)

Once again, these Ride Proud jeans are absolutely perfect.
I now own the Horizon jeans, Trainers pants, and now these Show Ring jeans and each are different and great in their own way.
The Horizon jeans are a heavier weight so these Show Ring jeans being a lighter weight will be perfect for summer trail riding.

Susan, huge smiles here! We can't do any better than perfect.
Thanks so much for your review.

Equitation Horse Riding Pants
Eva Jones (United Kingdom)
Customs Duty on top!

Unfortunately I can't review the clothing because on arrival in the UK I was sent a request to pay an additional £120 duty. I haven't paid this and hopefully when the clothes get sent back to Australia I will get my money refunded.

Eva, you're right, you can't review the clothing because you haven't ever actually received them, but nonetheless you have and you've unfairly left us a 1 Star.
Without question, and as per our policy your refund will be actioned immediately upon receipt of them back to me.