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An Easter long weekend with no camping, no clinics, no competitions or shows and no trail rides with mates.

Are you still riding?
Or maybe you’ve chosen to work in hand or groundwork only?
Giving your horse a break until this is over and using this as an opportunity to work on yourself?

We've done a round up of some of our RP Trainers and Coaches who are offering virtual and online training.

Proudly supporting those that have supported us.

0Kerry is a classical dressage coach who focuses on correct biomechanics of the horse using a dynamic approach adapted to the individuals’ needs.

Specialising in rider position to create a harmonious team, Kerry is happy to incorporate the use of R+.

You can contact Kerry through her business page, Oakover Lodge.

Click HERE to go to Oakover on FaceBook.
Click the link to read Kerry's blogs.

Clicker Trainer Georgia Bruce wear Ride Proud Trainers Riding Pants in Black

Georgia Bruce
Click with Horses

Georgia probably needs no introduction to horseowners in Australia with her 20 year history of trick shows and clicker training demonstrations, not to mention the fact that she has represented Australia on 12 occasions including 2 World Para dressage championships.

Georgia travel extensively conducting clinics but also has an online course available which includes access to her training video library.

Georgia can offer feedback on videos sent to her and can create individual training plans for each horse. She is available for video chats, live group chat Q &A, and members forums.

Click HERE to see Georgia's free 'Introduction to Clicker Training video

Click HERE to go to Georgia's website 

Merindah Thomson
Thomson Equestrian

Merindah is an EA Coach Educator, Level 2 Jumping Specialist, Level 2 Dressage Specialist.

She is offering live lessons via Zoom, also prerecorded video feedback, video competitions, on the flat or Working Equitation.

Merindah has set up a private group specifically for her online video competitions.
You can find it HERE
Thomson Equestrian Video Competitions

This link HERE will take you to Merindah's business page, Thomson Equestrian

Beth Noble wears Ride Proud Equitation Pants
Jannie Smith wears Ride Proud Equitation Riding Pants



Beth is offering video chats to go over show prep questions together with live demos if needed. Have your horse ready and she'll have hers.

She'll cover whatever it is you need including plaiting, braiding, banding, trimming, quarter markers, and even makeup.

You'll need a decent phone connection though so you can FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

Beth usually charges $60 but for the moment these sessions are only $30.

You can book online HERE

And here's the link to the Nag to Riches Website: 

Jannie's unique approach to horsemanship offers something different.

Taken from Jannie's website:
Are you searching for the missing link in your horse training? The answer has been in front of you all along.
It’s YOU.

If this sounds like something for you, CONTACT JANNIE and you can discuss the possibilities that will work for you and your horse.

You can send Jannie a 15 minute video that she and you will discuss via Zoom or you can have a live on-line lessons.


Wonder what these trainers are wearing? Click the links to find out.
Kerry wears the Trail Riding Pants in Grey
Georgia is wearing the Trainers Riding Pants in Black
Merindah is wearing one of our Ride Proud Caps
Beth is wearing our Equitation Riding Pants in Navy
And lastly, Jannie is also wearing our Equitation Riding Pants in Black.

Ride Proud Cap

Ride Proud Cap
Ride Proud Cap
Ride Proud Cap for Picadero Style Riding Pants
Ride Proud Cap for Trail Style Riding Pants
Ride Proud Cap
Ride Proud Cap for Equitation Style Riding Pants
Ride Proud Cap for Horizon Style Riding Pants
Ride Proud Cap for Trainers Style Riding Pants

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