What's in a name ...

What's in a name?
Everything. Or nothing.

In our case, it's everything.
But you knew that, didn't you.

 Turns out that our name is raising some eyebrows.

In fact, our manufacturer who we've worked with for over 12 months now has even asked what the name is about.
I thought it was obvious. 
Apparently not.

 When I set about naming this business I was told to find a name that meant something to me. 
Ride Proud means a lot to me, and this is why.
For as long as I've ridden, I've worked on developing my seat; as my primary aid, it's the start of everything.
I've studied it, I've researched it, I've done courses, clinics and lessons on it. Hell, I've travelled across the world to participate in clinics focusing on it. I've read and watched almost everything I can, and I've observed.

 My findings?
To me, the most effective, most elegant and most admired riders all share a particular posture – and that posture is proud.

When I teach and I'm correcting position, I sometimes hear myself say 'ride proud''. I've found that when a rider can take that proud feeling into her body, her seat immediately improves.

I know, it's simplistic, but sometimes

the best things are, aren't they? 
Try it and let me know how it goes.

Feel it, own it, 
and Ride Proud.