We all need a little self-care ...

This post isn’t about riding pants and therefore hasn’t been censored by our inhouse editor (that would be Celeste). This post is about self-care and it’s come about after a series of events this morning.


I’ve spent hours (many bloody hours) working out how FB Canvas works and put together a fancy one for our Picadero riding pants. (Never heard of Canvas? Me either, but I figured it out, and it’s the new best thing ever in FB land apparently). This morning I discovered it doesn’t work on desktops, only mobile. Great for mobile users, but a complete waste of my time for desktop user. 

Needless to say, I was (more than just a little) upset about it all.


I messaged a friend to have her check if it really was the case. She came back and told me the news, and then made the suggestion that I have a “make a cup of tea, or do this …” and she sent me a copy of the tag from our pants with the little para about ‘slowing down’.


I knew she was right and in fact I’m a big proponent of self-belief and self-care. Which is why we included those words on our tag and why I had a massage booked for this morning – for which I was already running late and had contemplated cancelling. I also knew that I wasn’t going to fix the whole FB Canvas situation, so I hurriedly sent a message saying “I’m coming!”. And off I went to have my massage.


So why is this so important to me?
Important enough that I felt the need to include it on our tags?


It’s because I believe (and I want you to know that I believe) that good riding and good horsemanship really has nothing at all to do with what pants you choose to wear. And if it was just about training methods and techniques than we’d all be riding grand prix movements, bareback and bridleless. We’re not, and it’s not that simple.


I believe it’s about attitude which comes about from the rider’s self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, all of which are reliant upon our own self-care. Whether it be a daily practice of meditation, regular time out, massage, or simply just being kind to yourself.


I want you to feel good about yourself. Wear bootleg riding pants, or wear riding tights or jodhpurs, who cares? Certainly not me. Just make sure you feel great about yourself, about how you look and most of all be kind to yourself. It’s hard to be kind and generous to others (including our horses) if we don’t offer ourselves the same generosity.


Live with love &

Ride Proud